Is check up necessary?
18.07.2022 450

Is check up necessary?

Every person; Life and eating-drinking style, substance habits, genetic risk factors, factors related to the environment, daily or sportive activity level and ability to cope with stress are the determining factors for him to lead a healthy and quality life.

The impact of all these factors on the health of individuals occurs in different body systems and at different levels for each individual. For this reason, it is very important to determine the scope and content of the check-up individually while planning the health risk analysis of individuals.
Although up packages are standardized according to age and gender, their contents are presented with different alternatives, ranging from basic programs to broader screenings in which advanced research is conducted, according to the risk factors of the person.

When should I start check-up?

There is no age limit to have a check-up. Healthy child check-up programs are determined and followed by pediatricians. Appropriate check-up programs can be applied in the adult age group starting from the age of 18.

What are the options in check-up packages?

While determining the content in check-up programs, age and gender are taken as a basis. For adults between the ages of 18-40, if the person does not have a genetic risk factor, any known chronic disease or habits such as smoking, standard check-up programs for women or men under the age of 40 are sufficient. Check-up programs are applied to people between the ages of 40-65. If the person has genetic risk factors or a history of substance use, executive or exclusive check-up programs are recommended, these programs are prepared in a wider scope to investigate risk factors for possible cardiological or other chronic diseases. Geriatric check-up programs are available for people aged 65 and over and include specific examinations for this age group.
Regardless of age group, there are check-up panels that can be purchased in addition to check-up packages. These; heart diseases screening panel, cancer screening panel, allergy and food intolerance panel, infectious diseases screening panel, screening panel for tobacco users, bone health panel, sleep health panel, memory panel, anti-aging and immune system evaluation panel, rheumatic diseases screening panel etc. There are additional panels such as basic check-up packages and can be applied as a complement to the patient's complaints.

Gynecology and checkup

Regardless of age, all women have a gynecological examination in their check-up package. In addition to gynecological examination and gynecological ultrasound, cervico-vaginal smear and human papilloma virus (HPV) smear tests are taken separately. It is recommended that these examinations and examinations be carried out annually. There are more than a hundred types of HPV and it is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections today. The presence of HPV (especially some types) is associated with an increased risk of cervical cancer. For this reason, patients who have positive results in smear and/or HPV smear tests during check-up, and those who have a mass, polyp, risky ovarian cyst or myoma detected during the examinations are evaluated separately by the gynecological oncology surgeon of our hospital for advanced diagnostic methods and treatment when necessary.