Is a Beard Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?
20.07.2022 466

Is a Beard Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?

People may experience beard loss for certain reasons and decide to have a beard transplant operation. At this point, the experts consulted are usually asked questions such as whether a beard hair transplant surgery painful.
The application of anesthesia during beard transplantation prevents any pain or pain from being felt during this procedure. Mild pains that may be experienced after the beard transplantation process is completed are also less severe than can be relieved with painkillers. Before and after beard transplantation, people can continue their daily lives in a healthy and comfortable way by paying attention to certain points. Such comfort factors encourage people to have a beard transplant operation with peace of mind and prevent them from having any concerns.
It is not an application that causes serious pain. However, since it is a completely comfortable procedure, we perform the procedure by numbing the transplanted area with low-dose anesthesia. In this way, you will not feel pain during neither the intake nor the planting.

Do transplanted hair follicles fall out?

In all planting operations, a process called shock shedding is experienced. Some or all of the transplanted hair follicles may fall out 12-15 days after planting. Or none of them may spill. These spilled hair follicles are expected to grow back in 4-8 months. There will be no spillage other than shock spillage.

Is Beard Transplantation an Effective Method?

Beard is an important part of the majority of men. For this reason, the loss of beard or the absence of beard regionally disturbs people. In such cases, beard transplantation is a very effective method. The differences between before and after beard transplantation are clearly noticeable after about 3 months.
Beard transplantation is preferred by many people. Beard transplantation is known by many people to achieve the desired result, as can be understood from the comments and opinions. Such reasons make people prefer this method with peace of mind. After beard transplantation, people can achieve the desired beard appearance for a long time. This also affects people psychologically well.

Beard Transplantation Methods

Among the techniques used in beard transplantation, FUT and FUE techniques are known as the most preferred beard transplantation techniques. The FUT method is not recommended very often for beard transplantation. Because it has disadvantages such as growing beards at the same angle, the possibility of scarring and pain in the nape area. In the FUE method, the beard grows at the right angle and does not leave a trace. For this reason, the FUE method is preferred much more frequently among beard transplantation techniques.