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Intense business plan, tough exams, being on the edge of a decision that will affect your life, the fear of the virus that has been in our lives in recent years...

The sources of stress may be different, but the ways to reduce stress are the same! Stress affects both our present and our future. Reducing stress significantly improves our quality of life. In this article, let's take a look at what you can do against this situation that can affect you both psychologically and physiologically!

  1. What Is Being Stressfull?

Let's take a look at the definition of being stressed. Stress is the reaction of a person to the deterioration of his biological and psychological balance. It is a normal physical response of the body to establish its balance against events that cause a sense of threat or pain. Stress; anxiety, hyperarousal state, frustration, emotional depression, tension and conflicts.

  1. Can Stress Be Coped With?

Coping with stress can be more difficult at times than usual. The moments of stress in which we get carried away in our daily life, intensity and human relations can sometimes seem like it will never end. Advice to eliminate this would of course be unrealistic. But there are many methods you can try to minimize stress and its negative effects.

  1. What Are The Causes of Stress?

Many events that we experience in family, school and work environments in daily life can become a source of stress. Stress, which can occur at the physical, emotional and thought levels, does not occur only in the face of negative events.

It can also be observed in any situation that requires adaptation, such as a change of job or city, or studying before the exam.

When such factors are threatening, our body tries to protect itself. He goes to defend himself. In such situations, the person unconsciously chooses to either fight or flee.

People don't react the same to the same events. Events are not the only source of stress, it is the way they interpret events and the reactions that make them stressful.

Therefore, the source of stress and the ways of coping with stress may vary from person to person.

  1. How To Relieve Your Stress?

There are many methods to reduce stress, in this article we will try to explain these methods. By finding the most suitable ones for you, you can stay away from this situation that reduces your quality of life as much as possible.

  1.  Discover The Source Of Your Stress

Discovering the source of stress is the most important step on the way to a solution. First, identify the reasons that cause you stress. Everyone's source of stress can be different. We all stress but not for the same reason. There are dozens of reasons that trigger stress, such as working too much, feeling lonely, experiencing separation pain, and financial difficulties. Compare your calm moments with your stressful moments, get to know yourself and find your source of stress.

  1.  Eat Healthy And Reduce Caffeine Intake

One of the suggestions for coping with stress is about the food and drinks you consume. The issue of healthy nutrition is much more important than we think for mental and physical health! Many foods that we consume too much without realizing it can trigger stress.

It has been proven by research that high caffeine consumption can increase stress. Therefore, you should reduce your caffeine consumption, especially when you are stressed or prone to it. Let's note that coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks are foods and beverages containing caffeine.

Determining the most efficient diet for your body and making small changes in your life is one of the most important methods to solving the stress problem.

  1.  Write Down Positive Or Negative Things That Comes To Your Mind

Writing is one of the most relaxing activities. You too can use the power of writing by putting your feelings and thoughts into words regularly!

Writing down the troubles that you don't want to talk about but that are gnawing at you, or the positive events that you are grateful for, will relax you more than you might expect.

It is thought that writing in a way that allows the expression of emotions reduces the stress level, thus reducing the physical complaints of people related to stress. Expressing trauma or negative memories in writing also positively affects our psychological health.

  1.  Meditate And Listen To Your Thoughts

Even a simple act such as breathing deeply and listening to yourself a few times a day will do you a lot of mental well-being. Taking a deep breath and stopping in the middle of the running that seems like it will not end helps you to minimize the effects of stress.

At the same time, breathing exercises that you will practice at home will also help you clear your mind. Meditation sessions that you will support with breathing exercises will be very useful to get away from stress.

  1.  Some Other Things You Can Do to Relieve Stress

  • When it becomes difficult to cope with stress, seek support from your environment and an expert rather than burden yourself.
  • Do activities that will focus your attention and release your energy.
  • Make an effort to reduce the uncertainties in your life.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Constantly thinking about the past or the future prevents you from living and enjoying the present. Enjoy your moment as much as you can.
  • Make time for your hobbies or things you love.
  • Listen to the music you love. Music is the best tool to remove stress and bad thoughts.