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Concentration problems are one of the complaints expressed by people of all ages in one way or another. The problem of focusing and concentration mainly affects children and adults with busy work life. The constant flow of information and the stimuli in the environment cause focusing problems. This hinders being efficient and effective. Focusing and concentration problems can be based on psychological, stress, and hereditary reasons.

  1. What is Focus?

Focus can be defined as the ability of individuals to maintain their efforts and attention until they complete an action. Without this skill, work is often delayed and the completion process becomes very cumbersome. The ability to focus, which also ensures that energy is spent efficiently to achieve targeted results, helps to overcome distractions.

Although some studies show that attention span is reduced in general in children and adults due to technology and age conditions, a definite conclusion has not been reached yet.

  1. What Causes Focusing Problems?

Focusing problems can occur as a result of personal and environmental factors. The source of the problem is present but there may be a cause that has not yet been noticed. 

Focus problems can generally be related to:

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Depression, dementia, and other psychological disorders
  • Prolonged and intense stress
  • Physical Diseases and Physiological Causes
  • Unbalanced diet, unproductive sleep, chronic diseases, and low water consumption
  • Smoking, polluted air, negativities in the living environment are some of the factors that lead to focusing problems.
  1. Symptoms of Focus Problem

  • Significant reduction in attention span
  • Getting caught up in thoughts and dreams while doing a job
  • Frequently using other occupations such as telephone, television, and drawing as an escape. (Using these as an excuse to get away from work may indicate a focus problem.)
  • Inability to complete any task due to frequent jumps from job to job
  • An increase in behaviors such as losing belongings, and missing the delivery date.
  • Continuous difficulty in at least one of the stages of starting, maintaining, or finishing a job.

  1. Solutions And Suggestions For Focus And Concentration Problem

We can briefly list what you can do about focusing and concentration techniques as follows:

  • Engaging in physical activities such as doing sports and walking: 

Regular walking has the power to significantly improve both your physical and mental health. Taking your time for a walk daily will provide you with a specific discipline, help with stress and reduce your focus problem. 

  • Solving puzzles and tending to brain teasers: 

Solving puzzles provides many benefits for one's mental and physical peace. Studies have shown that activities that will train the brain, such as puzzle solving or chess, reduce stress, relax the person and help focus.,

  • Regular and quality sleep: 

Regular and quality sleep ensures full focus regardless of the subject and facilitates the recording of new information in the mind. People who get enough sleep are always fitter and their performance is higher.

  • Stay away from multitasking: 

In general, multitasking seems like a time-saving method. However, when trying to fit different tasks into the same period, it becomes difficult for the brain to focus. Multitasking can even leave permanent damage to the person's brain over time.

  • Develop personal focus techniques: 

Find solutions that work for you to help you focus, and apply them in a disciplined way. 

  • Get rid of distractions: 

try to eliminate as much as possible all distractions around you in order to fully focus on what you are doing.

  • Take Short Breaks: 

When working on a long task, be sure to give yourself an occasional mental break. During these few-minute breaks for yourself, focus your attention on a note completely different from the work you are doing.

Despite everything, if your focus problem continues, which negatively affects business and daily life, it is very important to consult a specialist to get rid of this problem.