How To Check For Breast Cancer?
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How To Check For Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a disease that occurs as a result of a tumor caused by the change and uncontrolled proliferation of one of the cell groups that make up the breast tissue.

The cancerous tissue first spreads to its immediate surroundings and then to the lymph nodes close to the breast. In patients who are not diagnosed and treated on time, the cancer spreads to other organs and passes into an incurable stage.

The incidence of breast cancer has increased considerably in recent years. According to statistics on a global scale, the incidence of breast cancer is estimated to be around 40-50 per 100000.

What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

It takes a long time for a cancerous cell in the breast to form a tumor and for a specialist to understand it during the examination or to be evident in the radiological examination. Women are usually at least 1 cm. they can detect a mass that has reached its size, thanks to the manual control method.

Today, most of the symptoms of breast cancer are found by the person himself. Cancerous masses are relatively hard, have irregular edges, appear rough, and cannot be moved easily within the breast tissue.

What are the warning signs of breast cancer?

  • A palpable hardness or mass in the breast,
  • Asymmetry that has recently emerged between the two breasts,
  • Inward retraction of the nipple or breast skin,
  • Breast redness, wound, eczema, crusting, cracking,
  • Orange peel-like appearance on the breast skin,
  • Change in shape or direction of the nipple,
  • Unusual swelling or increase in size of the breast,
  • Pain of a different character than can be found in the breast during menstrual periods,
  • discharge from the nipple; especially in pink, red,
  • Stiffness, swelling, or mass in the armpit

If at least one of these symptoms is present, a specialist should be consulted without delay. However, in some patients, without any of these symptoms, cancer can only be detected by mammography and ultrasound examination.

We recommend women to have mammography, ultrasound and breast examination once a year, even if they do not have any complaints from the age of 40. However, this way, breast cancer can be detected at a very early stage. If a woman goes to the doctor after noticing a mass in her breast, it is not possible to talk about very early diagnosis.

Even if she has no complaints about her breasts, every woman should be examined by a general surgeon for clinical breast examination every 3 years between the ages of 20-40 and once a year after the age of 40.

Imaging methods: Breast imaging aims to detect breast cancer at the earliest possible stage. In parallel with technological developments and especially the widespread use of screening mammography, there is a significant increase in breast cancer cases that can be detected by imaging methods even though they are not palpable.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Breast Cancer?

  • Exercise at least 3 hours a week
  • avoid radiation
  • Do not delay the birth until after the age of 30
  • Breastfeed your baby for as long as possible
  • Limited use of hormone therapies
  • Limit alcohol use
  • control your weight
  • Protect yourself with a Mediterranean diet
  • Reduce your exposure to cigarettes