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Istanbul, means the impressive smell of the Bosphorus, the chirping seagulls accompanying the ferries that go between the two sides, and the Bosphorus that shines brightly in the evening. The pearl of Istanbul, which has a different atmosphere and a beauty of its own, is of course its magnificent strait and sea.

There are also very stylish places where you can watch the unique beauty of the Bosphorus while spending your time in peace on both sides of it, which is beautiful both at night and during the day.

In this article, we tried to compile the places you can choose to enjoy the beautiful sea and Bosphorus view of Istanbul.

  1. Bebek Starbucks, Bebek

Bebek, Cevdet Paşa St. No:30, Beşiktaş/İstanbul

Undoubtedly, one of the cafes with the most beautiful view in Istanbul is Starbucks located on the Bebek coast. We wanted to put Bebek Starbucks, which is often shown as one of the most beautiful businesses in the world by travel writers and magazines, at the top of our list.

The cafe, which has a spacious interior design in addition to its seafront location, is one of the must-see places to chat with your friends, get things done from your laptop, or just enjoy the magnificent view and drink their delicious coffee.

Located in one of the most beautiful spots of the Bosphorus, the cafe will take you on a journey into a fairy tale world as soon as you step in. With its magnificent view, Bebek Starbucks manages to impress you, again and again.

  1. Fethi Pasha Grove, Kuzguncuk/Üsküdar

Kuzguncuk District, Pasa Limani Avenue, Nacak Street/Uskudar

Fethi Pasha Grove, which stretches from one end to Kuzguncuk Hill and the other to Pasalimani, has a unique view of Istanbul. 

Covering an area starting from Sultantepe ridges to Kuzguncuk and having a unique Bosphorus view from Sarayburnu to Ortaköy across it, Fethi Pasha Grove is ideal for those who want to enjoy a nice breakfast, eating, drinking, and resting in a place with a view, especially at the weekend.

If you want to have a nice meal in an affordable place located against the view from Sarayburnu to Ortaköy, I would say go to Fethi Paşa Social Facilities without hesitation.

  1. Istanbul Bookstore (İstanbul Kitapçısı), Kadıköy

Caferağa, Rıhtım Avenue, Inside Eminönü-Karaköy Pier, Kadıköy/İst.

While preparing our list, we did not forget the people who like to read books while sipping their coffee and sometimes even enjoy being in the same environment with books.  It is a must-see book/cafe to eat and drink while listening to the sound of the sea, reading your book, or enjoying the view.

Istanbul Bookstore, where the sounds of seagulls mixed with the sound of steamboats and the smell of books with the smell of coffee, offers all its visitors a wonderful environment to get away from the chaos of Istanbul and be alone with themselves and their loved ones.

  1. Pink Pavilion (Pembe Köşk), Emirgan

Emirgan, Emirgan Korusu İçi Yolu No:3, Sarıyer/İstanbul

If you want to enjoy in one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul in a place surrounded by nature, Pembe Köşk Restaurant will be a pleasant alternative. 

Adorning Emirgan Grove with its history, the Pink Mansion is one of the three mansions built by İsmail Pasha. The mansion has two floors and is in the style of an Ottoman house.

You can have a nice breakfast and enjoy the magnificent Bosphorus view by visiting the Pink Pavillion and the Yellow Mansion which is also located in the Emirgan Grove.

If you go to Pembe Köşk, do not forget to take a pleasant walk in Emirgan Woods. Especially if you go during the tulip season, you can take wonderful photos in the garden of the Pink Pavilion.

  1. Seyr-i İstanbul Haliç Café, Golden Horn/Balat

Demirtaş, Ayrancı St. 9/A, Fatih/İstanbul

Galata Tower in front of you, ferries flowing in front of you, boats, irresistible tastes on your table, what more could one want to be happy? If you think like me, you should go to Seyr-i Istanbul Haliç Cafe without thinking.

Seyr-i Istanbul Haliç Cafe is one of the Istanbul venues with both affordable prices and beautiful views, where you can stop by for a varied and rich breakfast, a delicious meal, or just to enjoy a coffee or cocktail.