6 Best Eating And Drinking Places To Watch Istanbul From Above
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6 Best Eating And Drinking Places To Watch Istanbul From Above

With its 1500 years of history, Istanbul is a city with magnificent views and has hosted many civilizations. It is one of the cities that has a soul with its historical structurescultural buildings, and landscapes that look like they came out of postcards. Enjoying the magnificent views of Istanbul, which has many historical and cultural values is one of the most pleasant activities for visitors.

If you want to watch Istanbul from the eyes of a bird and have something great to eat and drink while doing this, here’s where to start.

Here are the 6 best places to see in Istanbul for beautiful views:

  • Barnathan Cafe & Brasserie
  • Snog Roof Bar
  • Galata Konak Cafe
  • Mimar Sinan Teras Cafe
  • Ağa Kapısı
  • Tarihi Kahve (Pierre Loti Hill)
  1. Barnathan Cafe & Brasserie

It is one of the ideal places to eat and drink while watching the magnificent view of Istanbul and the great beauty of the Galata Tower. It is one of the places you should visit first if you want a perfect first date, an environment where you can chat with friends or if you want to experience an environment where you can clear your head alone with good service and quality food.

Location: Beyoğlu/İstanbul

If you want to have a drink with the sea view, the sounds of seagulls, and listen to good music while doing this, snog roof bar should be the first address you go to. The Snog Roof Bar has a warm atmosphere that makes visitors feel relaxed and have a good time.You can find many different alcoholics and non-alcoholic drinks to suit your taste in this drink-oriented place.

Location: Beyoğlu/İstanbul

  1. Galata Konak Cafe 

If you are one of those who say i want to have one of the best breakfasts in Istanbul when i am experiencing the atmosphere of Galata. Galata Konak Cafe offers a visual feast to you with its magnificent view. You should stop by to experience an unforgettable morning in Istanbul with its rich menu and magnificent view.

Location: Beyoglu/İstanbul

  1. Mimar Sinan Teras Cafe

For those who want a different and more oriental atmosphere further south than Galata, Mimar Sinan Terrace Cafe, located in Fatih, lays the entire Bosphorus and Golden Horn under your feet. Located in the historical peninsula, near the Süleymaniye MosqueMimar Sinan Teras Cafe attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists with its view of old Istanbul and the Bosphorus. A mixed breakfast for two is served every day of the week, accompanied by a panoramic view at Mimar Sinan Teras Cafe.

Location: Fatih/İstanbul

  1. Ağa Kapısı

Ağa Kapısı is one of the first places that comes to mind to escape the crowd of the metropolitan city, take a short break from the busy work schedule and gather energy again. This place is the perfect place for those who want to smell the air of historical Istanbul.

Bringing together the most special flavors of local and world cuisine with its distinguished guests, Ağa Kapısı promises a feast of taste with its rich menu options that appeal to every palate.

Location: Fatih/İstanbul

  1. Tarihi Kahve (Pierre Loti Hill)

Pierre Loti Hill is a hill overlooking the Golden Horn in the Eyüpsultan district of Istanbul. The hill got its name from the French novelist and orientalist Julien Viaud, who came to Istanbul in 1876 and settled here, and is known for frequently visiting a coffee house on this hill.

Here, Tarihi Kahve is the ideal place to watch the aforementioned unique view. It is one of the must-see places to drink your coffee on one of the most famous hills of Istanbul, be swept away by the view, and experience similar feelings to Julien Viaud.

Location: Eyupsultan/İstanbul