Weightloss Surgery

Today, high-calorie diet and sedentary life invite obesity. In addition, physiological, genetic, environmental or psychological factors can cause a person to gain excess weight.

Losing weight isn't always easy for everyone.

If your Body Mass Index does not go below 35 despite diet and sports, there are multiple solutions to the problem of overweight at Medilife Obesity Surgery Center. (You can find out your Body Mass Index from our table below.)

The first and most important step of obesity treatment is prevention of obesity.

This protection process should start from childhood and healthy nutrition and daily physical activity should become a habit.

If the problem of overweight persists despite the support of an internist and dietitian, surgical solutions should be applied. Do not hesitate to seek expert support when necessary.


  • Tube Stomach Surgery

    It is the most common method of surgery. 80% of the stomach is parascopic (closed) % la.

    Human appetite for hunger hormones. Making people feel themselves. Significant weight loss.

    It will be done after the surgery. will be preferred because of its scarcity.

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery

    The purpose of the procedure is to shrink the stomach and shorten the absorption.

    It is one of the gastronomic procedures and a paroscopic (closed) bypass is performed.

    In the surgery, first, a small gastric tube tube with a volume of 30 ml is placed at the entrance of the stomach. Most of the rest of the stomach. Child with small stomach little baby. Food passes through the small stomach tube into the small intestine.

    On the other hand, blood sugar watches from the process.

    With the Gsatric Bypass procedure, it is seen in 60-80% of overweight people.


  • Stomach Botox

    With a Mass Index of - 35, botox procedures are applied to the precise points of the stomach of the patients who cannot lose weight in the studies for how long, with the endoscopic method.

    After about 20 minutes, the patient can be discharged on the day.

    With stomach botox, satiety is felt for a longer time, and weight is lost with the appropriate diet.

  • Gastric Balloon

    Gastric balloon is performed endoscopically like stomach botox. The procedure is to insert a balloon into the anesthetized stomach.

    The application takes about 20 minutes. It is grown 1-2 hours after processing, bred for cultivation.

    With the people losing weight, it is deflated from the stomach balloon with the endoscopic method.

    It is completed by the end of 6 years, together with the choice of the balloon used or the custom.

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