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Compared to the past much more functional and aesthetic solutions have started to be produced for the loss of teeth. Until recently, when losing a tooth, the teeth next d oor would also be cut in order to install a bridge. This form of treatment was not aesthetic, but even more importantly, would have a negative effect on the long term wellbeing of the neighbouring teeth. And where several teeth had been lost patients had to use mobile dentures which could be taken out and put back in. Due to implant treatment, the shortage of teeth can be treated as if cutting a new tooth in the mouth. Implants can be applied to almost everyone who does not suffer from very serious medical conditions.

Tooth implants have begun to be used in the treatment of tooth loss, together with the advances in technology. Implants are metals which are similar to the roots of teeth, and which are placed within the jaw bone in order that dentures can be made for missing teeth. Implants are mostly obtained from the element of pure titanium, or from the alloys of other metals such as aluminium. They can be in several shapes, including the form of a screw or a plain cylinder.

The element of titanium which is used in making implants is a metal which does not react with tissue and which is very compliant. Implants, which have been used for very many years in traumatology and orthopaedics, have also been used in dentistry with success since the 1970s. It is possible to obtain success rates of up to 95% with the right planning, delicate surgical techniques, perfect sterilisation, a rigorous superstructure of dentures, and good care.

When is implant treatment used?

  • The loss of one or more teeth – The most important aim of this procedure is to protect the neighbouring teeth, and not damage them.
  • The loss of rear teeth – In these circumstances implant treatment is always used. It is not necessary for there to be a neighbouring tooth to the one that has been lost.
  • Complete teeth loss – This treatment is suitable if the patient is not ready to use mobile dentures.
  • Circumstances where it is not possible to apply mobile denture treatment.
  • Very rarely, treatment using mobile dentures causes great discomfort to patients (vomiting, etc.).

As a routine, the fitting of implants is carried out by using local anaesthesia, as in the case of fillings and extracting teeth. Once the relevant area has been anaesthetised the procedure takes about 20 minutes per implant and is completely pain free. In the event of an allergy, phobia, or extreme discomfort as a result of local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia can be used.

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