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Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution to the problem of thinning in people with hair loss or health problems. The process of transplanting healthy hair follicles into areas where the hair follicle is no longer active and occurs using microsurgical methods is called hair transplantation. In hair transplantation, the patient's healthy hair is added to the spread area.
The hair transplant is completely personalized and applied. Hair transplantation involves collecting hair follicles resistant to hair loss from the patient's neck and transplanting them into open channels in thinned or completely buried parts. It is said to naturally give the hair a permanent look that is not known for a hair transplant. Hair transplant is actually a small surgical operation.
Because of this, it is the safest way to have it done by specialized and experienced doctors and teams in a hospital. With a hair transplant, your own hair is saved permanently as if it had never been cut. Our goal in hair transplantation; It is designed to bring comfortable natural hair look to the person with modern medical applications.

How is Hair Transplantation Done?

 In hair transplantation, the patient's own healthy hair is added to the spilled area.Hair transplantation is planned and applied completely individually. With the hairtransplantation operation, the hair follicles resistant to shedding are collected inthe nape area of ​​the patient and transplanted into the channels opened in thethinning or completely shedding parts. Aim; It is to give a permanent hairy appearancein a natural way that will not be obvious when the planting is done in the head area.Hair transplantation is actually a minor surgical operation. For this reason, it isthe safest way to do it in a hospital environment by specialist and experienceddoctors and team. With the hair transplantation application, the person's own hair ispermanently gained as if it has never been shed. Our aim in hair transplantation; Itis to restore the natural hair look to the person in a comfortable way with modernmedical applications.

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