Gynaecology and IVF

Gynaecology and Test Tube Babies (IVF)

Unfortunately, today, almost 1 in 10 couples who want to become parents are not able to do this by natural means, and under these circumstances they apply to assisting reproductive techniques. With the positive advances in the world of medicine IVF methods have become a ray of hope for couples. The test tube baby method was first used in Britain in 1978, and this medical intervention was successful and led to the birth of a girl. In recent years many couples who have tried the test tube method have achieved their objective and succeeded in having a baby. 

The principle behind the test tube method is that the procedure begins with the eggs taken from the woman in a laboratory environment, and put together with the sperm taken from the man. The embryos are then placed in the womb of the woman. A pregnancy test is carried out after about 15 days to see the result.

Before treatment patients need to be rigorous in the selection of an IVF centre, and carry out the necessary research concerning the centre. In order to achieve a positive result, the priority should be to have treatment at the right time, at an IVF centre which has a high rate of success at international standards, and which is reliable. Being ready for the treatment both financially and psychologically will have a significant influence on the result. It should be acknowledged that infertility is an illness, and that it can be easily cured with regular treatment and modern methods.

According to Ministry of Health data Turkey is in 5th in Europe in the IVF procedures used by couples who are unable to have children by normal methods. The reasons for this success can be shown as being the advanced technology equipment in the IVF centres, highly skilled IVF specialists, and the fact that treatments are offered at more reasonable prices. The cost of one application of IVF to a patient varies according to the clinic, and the cost of the procedure in our country is considerably cheaper than Europe, and in particular America. The IVF centres in Turkey successfully implement many contemporary methods of treatment or which have been proven to have a positive impact in terms of increasing the success rate of the treatment. 

There are a large number of IVF centres in Turkey - most of which are in Antalya, Istanbul and Ankara. Among the countries who apply to have test tube babies in Turkey, the highest numbers are citizens of the USA, Holland, Germany, Austria, Albania, Iran, Dubai, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, India, Macedonia, Iraq, Syria, Kosovo, and Britain. The total number of test tube babies born in Turkey in 22 years has exceeded 50 thousand, with 23 thousand of these born in the last 4 years.

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