There are two principal aims of doctors of children's health and illnesses. The first is the protection of health. Our doctors are able, on the one hand, to diagnose and treat all types of paediatric illnesses and syndromes including those which are the most difficult to diagnose and most rarely encountered, using the most scientific and academic information available, while on the other hand embracing the aim of early prevention and treatment for illnesses which may occur, by monitoring all healthy children from the moment of their birth, performing their vaccinations, and ensuring their healthy nutrition.

The problems observed during this monitoring process are treated by specialist physicians. Clinical examinations are supported by laboratory methods, and all radio-diagnostic procedures. Our centres, which have been established in order to meet all of the needs of our children – both while ill and healthy, without sacrificing any quality, or compromising on science, also provides nephrology, gastroenterology, allergy, neurology, haematology, oncology and cardiology services. All of the applications of paediatric surgery are available under acute or elective conditions. Intensive care units for new born babies, as well as emergency and intensive care units for all age groups, are available.

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