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Liposuction 7 Days 1
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6 Hour(s) Not Need 1

Lipoabdominoplasti - Tummy Tuck Aesthetics

The name of the aesthetic surgical intervention applied to remove the sagging thatoccurs in the abdominal region and has a negative effect on the psychology of theperson in terms of aesthetics is "tummy tuck" among the people and "Abdominoplasty"operation in medical terminology. The type of surgery, which succeeds in correctingthe physical silhouette of the body after the operation, carries certain risks, as inall other surgical interventions. These risks, which will be explained to you indetail by your surgeon, are also closely related to your standard lifestyle habits.Smoking and alcohol use, insufficient exercise or the lack of exercise in your lifeare effective on the success of the operation. The protruding navel protrusion, whichadversely affects the posture of all kinds of clothes such as trousers, skirts anddresses, disappears to a large extent after this surgery. The operation, whichclarifies the waist line and promises a flatter abdomen than before the operation, isperformed through an incision made just above the pubic region and below the navel.This incision, which is longer than the cesarean line, is sufficient to perform themini abdominoplasty operation. When the upper abdomen is also stretched, the locationof the belly button is changed.


It can be enlarged if it is small, it can be reduced if it is large, it can be erectedif it is saggy, and if there is an asymmetry between the two breasts, it can becorrected with plastic surgery operations. If the breast enlargement (gynecomastia) inmen is mostly in the form of an increase in fat tissue, if there is an increase inbreast tissue with liposuction, it can be cut out and reduced.

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