Eye Health

Eye Health

The eye is the most important organ which assists a person in being able to see his or her surroundings and the beauty of nature, and obtain information, in everyday life. It has a very sensitive structure. Like the body's other organs, we must also take care of the well-being of our eyes. As in any other illness, early diagnosis and treatment in optical illnesses is also very important. Therefore, the eyes need to be tested periodically. 

The primary optical illnesses are astigmatism, myopia, hypermetropia, high eye pressure, glaucoma, amblyopia, cataracts, cock-eyedness, night blindness, internal bleeding of the eye due to diabetes and high blood pressure, and retinal tears.

The success of laser eye treatment and the suitability o the structure of the eye in terms of the optical health of the patient are very important. The suitability of the eye structure of the patient to laser treatment must be determined after detailed examinations. In the event that a person who is not suitable for laser treatment for whatever reason is subjected to it, this can result in dangerous outcomes which can lead all the way to cornea transplants. It is stated that the success rate of laser surgery, when it is implemented under the correct conditions, to suitable patients, is around 98%.

Characteristics such as the infrastructure of the hospitals which are at world standards, the qualifications and experience of the providers of health care, and in particular of the physicians, pricing advantages, and unequalled natural and historical beauty comprise the strengths of Turkey in the health sector. Treatment is undertaken in this field by doctors who have become experts in the area, using methods of up-to-date assessment and treatment. The number one choice of foreign patients, who take the opportunity to both have a holiday and receive treatment, for laser treatment is Turkey. There have been significant increases in the numbers of patients arriving from Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus, following the lifting of visas. Treatment services are being provided to foreign patients from many European countries, in particular Holland and Germany, as well as Albania, Macedonia, and the Turkish Republics, in Turkey. 

Turkey is ahead of many European countries in the area of refractive eye surgery. In recent years, as a result of the advances in technology in laser equipment and the increase of success in implementing treatment, hundreds of foreign patients have started to come to Turkey for laser treatment every month. Foreign patients know that Turkey is a country which possesses modern technology, experienced physicians and reasonable prices of treatment. The developments within the health sector in Turkey are monitored closely in particular by foreign nationals, over the internet. For the price of laser surgery, which is very high in Europe and America, there is the opportunity to both have the treatment and take a holiday in Turkey. More than 20 thousand foreign patients undergo eye surgery in Turkey at private medical establishments, and then take a holiday at five star hotels.

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