Cardiovascular Surgery

Heart surgery services in Turkey really are way, way ahead of Europe. Heart and vascular surgery and the diagnosis and treatment procedures of all connected illnesses are carried out in our country. These include coronary vascular diseases (bypass), cardiac valve complaints, vascular illnesses (blocked blood vessels, enlargements of the vessels, varicose veins), and the birth related heart defects which can be treated in Turkey (holes in the heart, incorrect development of the blood vessels). Heart transplant operations are also undertaken in our country.

The results of coronary bypass surgery in Turkey are above world standards. Studies are presented at national and international conferences and symposiums, and published. In this way, communication with overseas centres which work in the same field is continued. When we look at the last 4-5 years, it can be seen that around 70 per cent of the operations carried out by the heart surgery centres in Turkey were on foreign patients. This is a very important, very assertive figure. The well-known climatic and economic advantages of Turkey take effect here. Further, it also possesses the infrastructure, equipment, technology and trained human resources which are able to provide modern medical services in an effective, beneficial and successful manner.

As the cost of producing these services is lower than European countries the cost of these medical services also becomes efficient in Turkey. Therefore, nationals of northern countries prefer to pay out of their own pockets and have these surgical operations carried out in Turkey. As a result of the agreement made with the Serbian Social Security Authority, there is a constant influx of patients from this country. That is because there are 3 thousand 700 patients on the waiting list in Serbia. The situation in Iraq, Georgia and Azerbaijan is the same. A very significant number of patients is coming from all of the said countries. A large section of the patients from Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia also come to Turkey. For instance, Britain is giving appointments for approximately 2 years in the future for heart surgery. The patients from these countries research the medical organisations where they will be able to receive better, and higher quality health services, and then decide to come to Turkey.

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