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Breast Lift

Procedure Number of Visit Number of Appointment
Breast Lift 1 Days 3
Procedure Time Anaesthetic Type Recovery Time
1 Day(s) Full 30 Day(s)

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

The loss of the old appearance of the breast occurs at different times in everyone. People with large breasts experience sagging at an earlier age. In addition, the use of an incorrect bra causes the breast to lose its vitality prematurely. Under normal conditions, the nipple
While it should be above the breast fold line, in sagging breasts, the nipple is at the fold level. In advanced cases, the nipple is under the breast fold.
Breast lift surgery, also known as breast lifting operation, is the loss of fullness of the breast due to physical and environmental factors,
It is a kind of aesthetic operation performed in cases such as sagging of the nipple downwards. At this point, the basic principle is whether the nipple is at the level of the breast fold or below.
Thanks to the breast lift surgery performed for sagging breasts to regain an upright appearance,
the nipples of the person are moved to the position they should be,
The breast tissue is shaped and the excess skin is removed from the area. In case the breasts are too large, the excess breast tissue in the area is removed, while silicone prosthesis is applied to people with small breast structure.
Although these surgeries, also known as breast tightening or breast lift, can be performed on people of almost all ages, it is recommended that the person lose their excess weight, if any, and postpone the breast lift surgery until after birth, if it is planned, in order to preserve the breast tissue for a long time.
After deciding how the breast tissue will look,
the operation day is planned. Since the breast lift operation is performed to give the breast an aesthetic appearance, it is important to plan this process well and to convey the patient's wishes to the physician correctly.

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